Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I have my first formatting appointment on Friday, which means I need to finish Chapter one by Thursday night. Yippee. Luckily, that means I'm spending lots of time at home surrounded by papers and less time in the lab. And less time in the lab means I did not feel like I needed to stay at work during all this snow, and I just drove home. Safely. But, what annoys the crap out of me, and has for years: snow = instant idiots all over the road. It is truly amazing. If you are that worried about driving in the snow, don't do it. Or get a vehicle with four-wheel drive. The idiot drivers I'm sure cause more accidents than the snow or ice on the road does. Drive straight, leave plenty of room, and go very slow when you turn. So not that hard. And stopping in the middle of the road to turn left because the left turn lane is full of snow is a BAD idea. Stopping in the middle of the road when it's 70 and sunny is a bad idea because people can't stop, but mix ice and snow in and you'r just asking to get rear ended. ROAR. Okay, I'm going back to writing

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