Friday, December 5, 2008

defense insomnia 2

Well, two days ago I was awake at 4 am for no reason other than I'm flipped out about moving and defending. Yesterday I was not awake at 4 am. Today I am awake at 4 am.

What is the difference between the awake days and the day I actually slept? Benadryl. Apparently I only sleep when I cheat and drug myself. This is not a good start to the month. If only Benadryl was not a capsule, I could break it in two and just take half. I don't want to take a whole one because I'll sleep for way way too long or just not be able to wake up no matter how much coffee I drink. So, I'm just awake. At least Sleepless in Seattle is on. I love this movie.

I think I finished one of my appendices last night, good good. Just 5 chapters and three more appendices to go. Yippee skippee!

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