Wednesday, December 3, 2008

closing late

I'm busy. Like a beaver. There is no question of that. But today I was informed of some not great news that makes my busy beaverness a bit nuts. To make a long story short, we cannot close on our house until after Christmas because of the type of loan we are getting. What was originally going to be two weeks to move will now be two days. And if the weather sucks, too bad. I am so totally bummed about this. Granted, this is two weeks we won't have to be paying for two places and two sets of utility bills, but ROAR, I am so worried about the weather and moving in December anyway, and now we will have to manage no matter what. This just makes me extra nervous, and I don't need to be using up any nerves on this. There is nothing we can do, and at least our lease and house will overlap 2 days instead of no days, or negative days. And I was debating with myself about when we would actually move, now there is no debate. We're moving the last two days of December.

So, just to put out there my December and January:
  • experiments galore until the very last minute
  • write write write my thesis
  • pack pack pack the apartment
  • Dec 21: walk in graduation
  • Dec 25: to grandpa's house I go
  • Dec 26: the Nutcracker and dinner with family (cousin is in Nutcracker)
  • Dec 27: who knows, lots of crazies to visit
  • Dec 28: back to school
  • Dec 29: finish packing, attempt to begin packing vehicles
  • Dec 30: close at 11 am and move as much as humanly possible
  • Dec 31: move everything else, which will be insanely difficult since adam is working ALL DAY. We will succeed! ROAR!
  • Jan 6: FINAL formatting deadline. I will need to have initial formatting appts before this. Aka thesis must be written or mostly written by this date.
  • Jan 6-22:
  • hope boss lady will proofread so that I can get to work on corrections
  • finish up any experiments that need finishing and write them into thesis
  • work on powerpoint presentation for defense
  • practice defense presentation. practice practice practice
  • Jan 22: pick up Aarti from airport! yay!
  • Jan 23: defend. then celebrate. all weekend. yes!
  • Jan 26-30: finish up corrections, experiments, check out of university, deposit thesis
  • Feb 2: start post doc

Can I just say that I cannot wait for Feb 2 and I wish that I didn't have to do all that other stuff between now and then. Sigh.

Quit bitching about it and get to work! Okay! I need a cheer:

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