Friday, December 12, 2008

sick thesis writing

I'm sick. My head feels like it's either going to implode or explode, and I'm not quite sure yet which one. The illness is in my ears and therefore I am dizzy all the time. It's not pleasant. At least it's not as bad as the drunk-need-one-foot-on-the-floor-dizzy. But since I'm at home, this would be perfect thesis writing time. Except that I cannot seem to stay awake. And thesis writing puts me to sleep when my head is normal.

But, found out about a neat website yesterday:
You can paste any text in and it turns that text into a picture and words used the most are the biggest, second most second biggest, etc. So I pasted Chapter 1 of my thesis in the website as is, and it gave me the perspective of what I haven't talked about enough yet. When chapter 1 is done, I'll wordle it again and paste it on here.

You see, I was a little bit productive!

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