Monday, December 8, 2008

To craft. And shoes. And boundaries.

I am really itching to make something. Anything. And I am trying very hard to focus on writing my thesis. Maybe that's why I want to make something, because it would be more fun than writing. Anyway, sends me emails once a week with patterns and this week's email was gifts to make in a hurry. And there were two super cute hats in the email that probably would knit or crochet up super fast, but I'm not allowed to think about that right now. Lionbrand is torturing me! I really have a list of things I want to make for babies and rugs for the house and anything else really, but I have to hold out until January 23!

I am also being somewhat tortured by shoes. All the shoes in the universe. And I want all the cute ones. So, my shoe of the month:

Jessica Simpson Leve in Purple/Green Irridescent Patent. $31.05 at But not in a 9.

I have a thing for colorful shoes, I'm not sure why. I used to want black and brown, now I want everything else. And irridescent opens up a whole new world of fabulousness!

Okay, I have to vent for a moment. Just a little moment. As I was writing fabulousness, there was a new development and I'm now rather upset. Our custodian spilled her bucket of dirty water on her shoe and, since she knows I have spare shoes in the lab for my use when I'm in heels or sandals and my feet need a break or need to be covered, she asked to borrow my shoe. I have a real problem with this for two reasons: 1. she spilled dirty water on her shoe, and her sock got soaked, so her foot therefore was doused in dirty water too. 2. she put my shoe on without a sock, her dirty water foot is now in my shoe. I wanted to tell her no. I tried to tell her I have weird feet and they would probably be really uncomfortable. She didn't care. I have thrown shoes away for less than this. I don't think I can wear those shoes ever again. At least they are old and I got them on clearance when I did by them. I didn't really think I got all the use out of them that I probably could have. But I'm not going to be able to wear them again. Does this make me odd? Maybe, but I don't care. I don't like other people's feet coming near me and she has put her dirty foot in my shoe without even a sock barrier. So gross! This person does not understand boundaries AT ALL. My poor shoe.... :(

I have to add, if this custodian's feelings are hurt in any way, she stops cleaning our floor. I can't wait to get away from walking on eggshells around this woman. She has no boundaries and has no problem passing over my boundaries on a daily basis. Grumble....... My poor shoe.


Isis the Scientist said...

These are absolutely lovely!!! Excellent choice!

And, yeah, those dirty foot water shoes would be dead to me. You did a very nice thing by sharing, but I am very particular about shoe sharing. A different foot in my shoe totally changes the shape. Even the Isis kids know to stay away!

Beth said...

I also would never wear the shoes again!!!