Thursday, December 18, 2008

why did i go to work today?

I'm writing my thesis. My first formatting appointment is tomorrow. I'm a bit of a mess. I'm not saying that it's an excuse, but it at least explains my behavior earlier.

To make a long story short, I made someone cry earlier today. I've never made someone cry before. I suppose you are bound to have firsts all your life. Not just first steps, first words, first car, but also first day you make someone cry...

What's really amazing is she cried to her boss. Who called my boss. Who called me and told me to apologize. And I did apologize, before the crying. And I was over it, it was done, I have more important stuff to do and worry about. But then I find out I made her cry and I had to apologize again. Which I did. But I really think the entire experience was competely ridiculous, and has wasted basically my entire evening, which I should have spent writing, and I haven't.

And, telling someone "don't get all antsy" more than once, especially someone with red hair, you're just asking for anger. Hello red headed fury. It's not like my fury is hidden, I wear it on my head all day long. And I have for 27 years. There's a reason there is a saying called red headed fury, and it's not because we make fairies sprinkle fairy dust on a land of ooey gooey gumdrops to make sunflowers and daisies grow giant sparkley flowers. Nope, not where the term red headed fury came from.

What started out as a stupid argument that lasted less than 5 minutes has turned into over an hour of me being baffled. But, now I can get back to writing.

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