Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I turned into....

I realized years ago that I have turned into both my mother and my father. Yesterday, I realized I have turned into my PI (principle investigator, aka boss).
I'm slightly frightened by this but also entertained.
I was talking to the person taking over my project about her future directions, today is group meeting and she needs to let our PI know her future directions. So, I was giving her a list. I eventually had to tell her to just walk away from me because I would just keep coming up with things for her do to. Anyway, she has been having a little trouble with some cloning that I talked to her about a month ago and haven't thought about since. This is where my "I've turned into my PI" moment comes in. She started to tell me about her problems, and I had NO CLUE what she was talking about. I always thought it was strange that my boss didn't know what I was doing, when I knew I'd talked to her about it already. Now I understand.

This is from (11.14.08). They are so right on, every time.

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